Cordless multifunction­ tools

The best cordless multifunction tool for your home

You want to be prepared for a wide range of projects and are looking for a cordless multifunctional tool that can cut, saw, grind, scrape, route and polish? Bosch has the right cordless tool for you with the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. Once you have bought a multifunctional tool set and battery, it can also be used to operate numerous other tools from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE.

AdvancedMulti 18

Suitable for your cordless multifunction tool: The POWER FOR ALL battery

You already own an 18V cordless multifunction tool from Bosch and are looking for a new battery? The 18V POWER FOR ALL battery makes your tool even more powerful. It is compatible with all green 18V Bosch tools manufactured after 2007.* Use it to equip your Bosch cordless multitool, and not only that: It also fits a whole range of POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE home and garden tools. The 18V battery is available in different capacities – the more ampere hours, the higher the performance. Any battery from 2.0 Ah is suitable for the multitool.

Find the right cordless multifunction tool for your battery

Do you already have an 18V POWER FOR ALL battery and are looking for a suitable multifunction tool? At Bosch, you will also find a cordless multitool in the 18V class. Good for the environment and your wallet: You can also buy your compatible device without a new battery.