Cordless lamps

The best cordless lamp for your home

Do you like to go camping and are looking for a flexible lamp that lasts all night? Do you have to work in a confined area and need a cordless luminaire? Bosch has the right cordless lamp with 18V POWER FOR ALL battery for you. Once you have bought such a lamp, the battery can also be used to power numerous other devices from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE.

UniversalLamp 18

Suitable for your cordless lamp: The POWER FOR ALL battery

You already own an 18V cordless lamp from Bosch and are looking for a suitable battery? With a new 18V POWER FOR ALL battery, your tool will be even more powerful. You won’t just be upgrading your lamp with this: It also fits a whole range of POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE home and garden tools. The 18V battery is available in different capacities – the more ampere hours, the longer your cordless lamp will last.

Find the right cordless lamp for your battery

Do you already have an 18V POWER FOR ALL battery and are looking for a suitable cordless lamp? At Bosch, you will also find a cordless lamp in the 18V class. Good for the environment and your wallet: You can also buy your compatible device without a new battery.