Products 12.12.2023

Powerful addition to the ‘18V Power for All System’:First 18V cordless tacker from Bosch for DIYers

Attach various materials to softwoods or hardwoods

  • Impact force selection for material-specific work
  • Convenient push-and-release system speeds the job along
  • Separate attachment available for unlocking additional applications
  • One battery for many applications: save space and money, protect the environment

 Cordless tackers are popular multipurpose devices that DIYers can use to attach various materials quickly and reliably without the need for additional tools. With the new UniversalTacker 18V-14, Bosch makes it possible for users to work cordlessly with staples of up to 14 mm long. The UniversalTacker 18V-14 is the latest addition to the ‘18V Power for All System,’ which also covers all representative tools in each segment, currently comprises about 60 DIY tools, gardening tools, and home appliances, and even extends beyond the Bosch range thanks to the cross-brand ‘Power for All Alliance’. All tools – from rotary hammer to lawn mower and even vacuum cleaner – can be operated with the same 18V lithium-ion battery and only one charger. This saves users space and money and protects the environment.

Powerful cordless tacker also works on hardwood

The UniversalTacker 18V-14 unlocks a wide range of convenient work options. DIYers can use it to attach thin, soft materials such as roofing felt, film and foil, paper, insulation, leather, fabric, and upholstery to soft and hardwoods with fine wire staples or small nails. The impact force can be adjusted according to the hardness of the wood and the desired impact rate via the rotatable impact force selection wheel. Regardless of the battery charge status, the UniversalTacker 18V-14 delivers consistent power and maximum endurance. This is enabled via the optimum coordination of key components such as the motor and gearbox, combined with an intelligent electronic control system called ‘Syneon Technology’. Only Bosch offers this interaction between motor, electronics, and battery. Lining raised garden beds, reupholstering furniture, and sealing roofs with roofing felt can all be done easily and with consistent performance. Being cordless, the tacker can also be used in places where there is no power connection, giving users full flexibility.

Two-step push-and-release system for precise, safer work 

A two-step push-and-release system keeps things under control throughout the job: To prevent any unintentional shots, the staple or nail is not driven until the nose of the tacker is pressed against the material and the activation switch is pushed. The contact actuation for quick work can be activated by holding the switch. Then the next staple is driven each time the nose of the tacker is pressed against the working surface, at a pace of up to 30 strokes per minute. Fill level indicators along the bottom edge of the tacker show when staples need to be refilled. 

Dual-function accessory

A handy accessory can be attached to the click-in recesses to add two more practical features to the UniversalTacker 18V-14. The attachment is available separately to convert the tacker into a paper stapler that can manage up to 80 sheets. The attachment also acts as a distance guide, ensuring that the staples stay evenly spaced from the edge of the working material. The margin, which ranges from 1 to 11 cm, is set depending on the opening used. This combination of paper stapler and distance guide is currently found nowhere else on the market. Further accessories such as Type 53 fine wire staples in sizes ranging from 6 to 14 mm and Type 48 nails are also available in the Bosch accessory range. 

The UniversalTacker 18V-14 cordless tacker is available now. All stated prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.

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