Battery Technology

Since their introduction to the market by Bosch in 2003, lithium-ion batteries have been established as the standard in the power tool industry.

High-End Technologysince 1969

Protection against overloading
If the battery is overcharged, the tool will be automatically locked.
Protection against overheating by temperature monitoring
To prevent the battery from overheating under the heaviest conditions, the electronics intervene if necessary and lock the tool.
Protection against deep discharge
The battery won’t ever become deeply discharged and is therefore protected from damage.
Protection against self-discharge
The battery is always ready for use.
Protection against memory effect
The battery can be fully or partially recharged at any time.
Protection against damage
The battery constantly monitors its charge status and temperature.

18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCEAll benefits at a glance

One of the largest cross- brand battery systems.
100% compatibility within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE.*
Greatest application variety for your entire home and garden.
System flexibly expandable by tools across many brands.
Save space. Save money. Protect the environment.
Battery-competence since 1969.

Our rechargeable batteries

The 18V POWER FOR ALL-Battery is available in different sizes and capacities.
Find the right type for your application.

Compatible with all 18V appliances within the POWER FOR ALL Alliance

Battery Finder

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How it works

Choose a tool from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE
Select your 18V battery
Get started right away and save money and save the environment with every further purchase

No matter which tool you choose, the corresponding battery always fits in all 18V tool within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Simply plug your POWER FOR ALL battery into your tool of choice and you’re ready to go.

This avoids extra batteries and chargers – and therefore saves not only space, but also money, whilst protecting the environment with every new purchase.

Instead of buying the set version with battery, you simply choose the less expensive solo version without battery and charger. With only one battery you have a variety of powerful tools for many use cases in and around the entire home.