Products 12.12.2023

Extension of the ‘18V Power for All System’:First cordless lawnmower from Bosch with two batteries

Dual battery power for private users

  • UniversalRotak 2x18V-37-550 powered by two 18V batteries mows up to 500 m2 
  • Brushless motor for high performance and longer lifetime 
  • One battery system for many applications: save space, save money, protect the environment 

 The new UniversalRotak 2x18V-37-550 cordless lawnmower from Bosch enables private users to rely on proven 18V battery technology to deliver 36V performance and keep larger lawns of up to 500 m2 neat and tidy. The 18V batteries are part of the ‘18V Power for All System’ that covers all representative tools in each segment, currently comprises about 60 DIY tools, gardening tools, and home appliances, and even extends beyond the Bosch range thanks to the cross-brand ‘Power for All Alliance’. All tools – from rotary hammer to lawn mower and even vacuum cleaner – can be operated with the same 18V lithium-ion battery and only one charger. This saves DIYers space and money and protects the environment. 

Brushless motor and ‘Syneon Technology’

The durable brushless motor delivers impressive power to the 37 cm cutting blade. The basis for this is an optimum coordination of key components combined with an intelligent electronic control system called the ‘Syneon Technology’. Only Bosch offers this interaction between motor electronics and battery. As a result, the UniversalRotak 2x18V-37-550 always provides optimum performance for any project. With a full charge of the two recommended 4.0 Ah batteries, users can mow up to 500 m2 of grass to the desired cutting height. A lever on the front wheel enables users to quickly choose from five different height settings of 25 to 70 mm without the need for additional tools. Cuttings are collected in the high-quality fabric grass bag. A fill level indicator lets users know when the bag is full and needs to be emptied. 

Ergonomic mowing, right up to the edge

The Ergoflex handle helps to make mowing more enjoyable and less strenuous. By gripping vertically or horizontally, the ergonomically shaped handles allow users to steer the UniversalRotak 2x18V-37-550 in whatever way is most comfortable for them. The mower’s optimum control and maneuverability makes it easy to master tight curves or navigate around trees. Built-in grass combs enable users to cut close to edges and walls for a cleaner finish. 

The UniversalRotak 2x18V-37-550 cordless lawnmower is available from April 2023 onwards. Accessories such as blades are available in the Bosch range of accessories. All stated prices are recommended retail prices including VAT. 

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