Products 12.12.2023

Latest addition to the ‘18V Power for All System’:Compact cordless pruning saw from Bosch

Quickly and easily prune and limb branches

  • EasyChain 18V-15-7: balanced and lightweight, for effortless sawing performance
  • ‘Syneon technology’ and brushless motor for lasting strong performance 
  • One battery for many applications: save space and money, protect the environment 

Bosch is expanding its range of cordless saws by adding a compact pruning saw for simple applications around home and garden. The new EasyChain 18V-15-7 cuts through trunks and branches up to 13 cm in diameter. That makes the handy tool suitable for pruning and trimming trees and cutting firewood to length, as well as for any kind of sawing in smaller DIY projects. The new pruning saw is part of the ‘18V Power for All System’. The system also covers all representative tools in each segment, currently comprises about 60 DIY tools, gardening tools, and home appliances, and even extends beyond the Bosch range with additional partners in the cross-brand ‘Power for All Alliance’. All tools – from rotary hammer to lawn mower and even vacuum cleaner – can be operated with the same 18V lithium-ion battery and only one charger. This saves users space and money and protects the environment. 

Lightweight and versatile for ease of handling 

 The tool features a patented planetary gear system that combines the motor and gearbox in a compact assembly. Combined with the low weight of 1.7 kg with a 2.5 Ah battery, the EasyChain 18V-15-7 fits in the hand with good balance. As a result, it offers a level of handiness uncommon for chainsaws and allows users to work with less fatigue. Due to its ease of handling and versatility, the saw can also be used as a supplement to a large chainsaw for jobs such as pruning leafy trees or in tighter spaces. The Oregon ‘SpeedCut Nano saw’ chain enables low-kickback, powerful saw performance at a chain speed of up to 6.9 m/s. Thanks to the SDS system, users can change and adjust the tension on the chain easily, without any tools. With that, DIYers and garden enthusiasts can use this compact tool to easily take care of any sawing work around the house. 

Small tool, powerful performance 

A brushless motor makes this powerful tool particularly efficient, durable, and low-maintenance. It delivers lasting power no matter of the charge. The basis for this is an optimum coordination of key components such as the motor and gearbox combined with an intelligent electronic control system called ‘Syneon Technology’. Only Bosch offers this interaction between motor electronics and battery. With the recommended 2.5 Ah battery, the EasyChain 18V-15-7 can manage up to 150 cuts in 50 mm diameter wood. 

The EasyChain 18V-15-7 cordless pruning saw will be available from August 2023 onwards. All stated prices are recommended retail prices including VAT. 

Subject to change.

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