Cordless cleaning­ devices

The best cordless cleaning devices for your garden

Do you want to maintain your car or spray your bike clean? With the mobile cordless pressure washers from Bosch and Gardena, you can adjust the pressure as needed. The cordless spray system from Gloria also cleans with pressure, but it can also brush, foam, spray… Whether in the garden, around the house or when camping, we have the right cordless cleaning devices with the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. Once purchased, the battery can also be used to operate many other devices from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE range.

18V EasiWeeder (KIT 2.0)
18V EasiWeeder (Product Only)
AquaClean 24/18V Premium Set
AquaClean 24/18V Set

Suitable for your cordless cleaning device: The POWER FOR ALL battery

You already own an 18V cordless cleaning device and are looking for a suitable battery? Get the most out of your tool with the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. But with this battery, you’re not just upgrading your cleaning device: It also fits a whole range of POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE home and garden tools, as well as all green 18V Bosch tools manufactured after 2007.* The 18V battery is available in different capacities – the more amp hours, the more power.

Find the right cordless cleaning device for your battery

Do you already have an 18V POWER FOR ALL battery and are looking for a suitable cordless cleaning device? In the cordless 18V class, you have the choice between cordless pressure washers from Bosch and Gardena. Gloria offers a versatile, cordless spraying system. Good for the environment and your wallet: You can also buy your compatible device without a new battery.