Cordless vacuum­ cleaners

The best cordless vacuum cleaner for your home

Would you like a cordless vacuum cleaner that gets into every corner but still has power? Or should it be an extra-light cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with which you can also effortlessly vacuum on the top shelf? Whatever you have going on in your home, we have cordless vacuum cleaners with 18V POWER FOR ALL battery for every use. Once you have purchased such a vacuum cleaner from Bosch, the same battery can also be used to operate a whole range of other tools from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE.

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Suitable for your cordless vacuum cleaner: The POWER FOR ALL battery

You already have a Bosch 18V cordless vacuum cleaner and are looking for a new battery? Get the most out of your vacuum with a powerful 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. The optimal upgrade for your Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner – and not only that: It fits a whole host of different POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE home and garden tools, and all green 18V Bosch tools manufactured after 2007.* The 18V battery is available in different capacities from 1.5 to 6 Ah: The more amps, the longer you can vacuum.

Find the right cordless vacuum cleaner for your battery

If you already own an 18V POWER FOR ALL battery and are looking for a suitable cordless vacuum cleaner, you have a choice: In the 18V class, Bosch offers various cordless vacuum cleaners with rechargeable batteries. You can buy your compatible device without a new battery – that’s good for the environment and your wallet.