Products 16.03.2023

Rapid launches its first power tools in the Power for All Alliance partnership

A single 18V battery for a variety of tools from leading global brands. The Power for All Alliance partnership makes a real difference in homes around the world. You can use the same battery for the lawnmower from Gardena as in the Bosch screwdriver. And this battery can now also be used in a glue gun and a hot air gun from Swedish fixing specialist, Rapid.

The BGX500 glue gun has a variety of features, and provides a high glue flow rate. It’s just as useful in the toolbox of a designer or installation technician as in the toolbox of a DIY home enthusiast. The same goes for the RX1000 hot air gun – really useful in the home for heat shrinking tubes, shaping plastic, thawing water pipes, removing labels, waxing snowboards and skis, or why not for removing weeds. “The launch of both tools also signals Rapid’s introduction of power tools on the market. This autumn, we’re launching three more battery-powered tools as part of the battery alliance – a brad nailer and two staple guns. The other brands are also launching new products all the time, and new brands are continually joining the alliance. Recently, we were joined by Husqvarna, so the Power for All Alliance is experiencing real growth on the market,” says Ulrik Frii, Marketing Director of Rapid Tools.

With the same battery for a variety of tools and equipment from leading brands, users save money and don’t have to keep track of different batteries and chargers. Easy, flexible, and durable.

Rapid BGX500 Glue gun

• Lasts up to 2.5 hours on a single charge

• LED indicator shows when the glue is ready to apply

• Fast glue heating – 3 minutes

• LED indicator shows the battery’s charge status

• Control of the glue flow enables precision work

• Flexible thanks to exchangeable nozzles

Rapid RX1000 Hot air gun

• Stable free-standing position frees both hands to work with

• Flexible, with two air-flow settings

• Temperature up to 550 °C

• Feature for removing hot nozzles without getting burned

• Temperature and air flow are displayed and controlled on the LCD screen

• Charge status indicated on the LCD screen

• Comfortable use thanks to ergonomic design

With POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, Bosch Power Tools has opened up its 18V battery platform for Home & Garden to the leading brands, so that together they can offer DIY enthusiasts the best solution in and around the home. Participating brands at present are: Bosch, Flymo, Gardena, Gloria, Husqvarna, Kübler Workwear, PerfectPro, Rapid, Steinel and Wagner.

For more information, please contact

Ulrik Frii, Marketing Director Rapid Tools

+46 76 949 5055