Products 16.03.2023

New smart battery-powered DIY power tools from Rapid

Swedish fixing specialist Rapid is part of Bosch’s global partnership POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, in which a variety of brands use the same battery platform – an 18V battery that works with everything. Rapid is now launching three new battery-powered power tools that are perfect for the DIY enthusiast.

The new tools are a brad nailer and two staple guns. The Rapid BNX50 Brad Nailer is highly efficient and user-friendly when you’re working on trimming, casings, or skirting boards. As it’s battery-operated, there are no power cords, cumbersome gas containers or pneumatic hoses to get in the way of mobility and accessibility.

The two staple guns are just as easy to use – with the Rapid BTX606 for narrow crown staples and brad nails, and the Rapid BTX553 for staples and brad nails. The Rapid BTX606 staple gun helps you assemble wardrobes and cupboards, or install panelling and trimming. It’s a powerful tool if you’re working with materials such as Masonite, plywood, and chipboard.

The Rapid BTX553 staple gun is powerful enough to fire fine-wire staples from 8 mm to 20 mm. This makes it ideal for most situations where you need to staple textiles, leather, wood, plastics, cardboard, rubber, and synthetic fabric for example. It can also be loaded with brad nails, which increases its range of use considerably.

The three tools are packed with features. As an example, they all have an adjustable driving force, which makes it easier to work with different staple, brad nail and narrow crown staple lengths, with different materials. The front LED lighting gives better precision, and a practical LED indicator shows the battery’s charge status.

“The development of the tools has been based on simplicity and high degrees of functionality. We’ve already launched a hot air gun and a glue gun in the battery partnership with Bosch. With the addition of these three new products, we’re offering DIY enthusiasts five battery-powered power tools for many different types of work. And with a battery suitable for all the other products and tools that are part of the partnership,” says Ulrik Frii, Marketing Director of Rapid Tools.

The other brands in the Bosch POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE partnership for 18V batteries are Bosch, Flymo, Gardena, Gloria, Husqvarna, Kübler Workwear, PerfectPro, Steinel and Wagner.

Rapid power tools in THE POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE partnership:

The Rapid BNX50 Brad Nailer: Efficient nail gun for trimming, casings, and skirting board.

The Rapid BTX606 Staple Gun: Narrow crown staples and brad nails for Masonite, plywood, chipboard, and trimming.

The Rapid BTX553 Staple Gun: Staples and brad nails for materials such as textile, leather, wood, plastic, carboard, rubber, and synthetic fabric.

The Rapid BGX500 Glue Gun: Extremely high glue flow for cables and decoration, for example.

The Rapid RX1000 Hot Air Gun:  For heat shrinking tubes, shaping plastic, thawing water pipes etc.

More information on the tools and the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE:

For more information, please contact

Ulrik Frii, Marketing Director Rapid Tools

+46 76 949 5055