Products 06.07.2023

First volume pump in the ‘18V Power for All System’: Bosch EasyInflate 18V-500 for leisure equipment

With the new EasyInflate 18V-500 cordless volume pump from Bosch, nothing stands in the way of a day at the lake or the next camping vacation. Large-volume sports and leisure equipment such as air mattresses, inflatable boats, paddling pools, pool toys, and exercise balls can be inflated quickly and conveniently with the EasyInflate 18V-500. The model is the first cordless volume pump in Bosch’s range of cordless air pumps. While the EasyPump and UniversalPump 18V pneumatic pumps are capable of providing plenty of pressure to inflate small-volume objects such as soccer balls, bicycle tires, or car tires, volume pumps like the EasyInflate 18V-500 are designed for large-volume objects that do not require as much air pressure. The EasyInflate 18V-500 is part of the ‘18V Power for All System’. The ‘18V Power for All System’ also covers all representative tools in each segment, currently comprises about 60 DIY tools, gardening tools, and home appliances, and even extends beyond the Bosch range with additional partners in the cross-brand ‘Power for All Alliance’. All tools – from rotary hammer to lawn mower and even vacuum cleaner – can be operated with the same 18V lithium-ion battery and only one charger. This saves users space and money and protects the environment.

Added convenience for inflating large-volume objects
– Cordless pump for inflating boats, paddling pools, or air mattresses
– High airflow for fast inflation and deflation
– Wide range of convenient uses thanks to three nozzles and one hose
– One battery for many applications: save space, save money, protect the environment

Inflate and deflate objects in no time flat

Thanks to a high airflow of up to 530 liters per minute, the EasyInflate 18V-500 is capable of inflating objects such as a 2 m inflatable boat in less than two minutes. For a conventional air mattress, the cordless volume pump needs less than one minute. The pump comes with three nozzles for different valve sizes that are easy to attach. The EasyInflate 18V-500 is as fast at deflating objects as it is at inflating them. It is also suitable for suctioning air out of vacuum bags to help save space when storing clothing or blankets.

Practical hose for convenient inflation

Compared to competitors’ models, the EasyInflate 18V-500 offers users added comfort. The 50 cm hose makes inflating and deflating objects especially convenient because it eliminates the need to hold the cordless volume pump in the hand while it operates. Instead, it can simply be placed on the ground. On the tool, the hose is easily and securely fixed thanks to the locking mechanism. Due to the low weight of only 350 g without battery, users can easily transport the compact pump in the included carrying bag.

The EasyInflate 18V-500 cordless volume pump is available now. All stated prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.