Products 21.04.2022

Strong addition in the “18V Power for All System”

First cordless paint spray system from Bosch for DIYers

Convenient solution for wood and metal painting

  • New segment for an even wider range of applications with 18V
  • Ergonomic handling thanks to a lightweight spray gun and a separate motor unit
  • Simple adjustment of the paint flow to different projects
  • One battery for many applications: Save space, save money, protect the environment

With the EasySpray 18V-100, Bosch is adding a popular application among DIYers to the ‘18V Power for All System’: Convenient and even wood and metal painting without a dripping paint roller or brush ‒ and without any power cord at all. The EasySpray 18V-100, the first cordless paint spray system from Bosch, is suitable for processing all common water-based wood and metal paints such as lacquers and varnishes. The ’18V Power for All System’ covers all representative tools in each segment and currently comprises more than 40 DIY, garden, and home appliances – and even extends beyond the Bosch range with additional partners in the cross-brand ‘Power for All Alliance’. All tools – from rotary hammer to lawn mower and even vacuum cleaner – can be operated with the same 18V lithium-ion battery and only one charger. This saves users space and money and protects the environment.

Ergonomic handling: Lightweight spray gun and separate motor unit

The cordless paint spray system EasySpray 18V-100 is suitable for small to medium-sized projects such as painting doors and chairs, varnishing garden furniture or coloring wood and metal fences. Depending on the selected paint and the degree of dilution, several meters of fence can be conveniently sprayed with a 2.5 Ah battery charge, for example. Convenient above all because the 18V lithium-ion battery is not located under the spray gun, as is the case with conventional tools, but on the motor unit, which is worn on the body by means of a shoulder strap. This makes the spray gun lighter and more compact, so that DIYers can apply the paint in a relaxed manner in any position.

Fast, efficient, and even paint application

The desired intensity of the paint application is easily set using the EasySelect control on the spray head. 3 different spray patterns can also be selected: horizontal, vertical, or round. Easy-to-understand symbols on the tool help to do so. A graphic shows the correct spraying technique and the correct distance to the surface required to achieve a good result. This makes it easy to apply paint quickly, evenly, and cleanly. The paint container holds up to 800 ml of paint and is quickly refilled. Once you have finished applying the paint, you can simply rinse the paint-carrying parts with water and then start the next project.

The EasySpray 18V-100 is now available. All prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.

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