One of the largest cross-brand
18V battery systems.
THE battery for your home and garden.

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The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand 18V battery systems of leading manufacturers worldwide and offers solutions for the entire home. Our vision is to provide our users with ONE battery that can be used for all use cases in and around the home.

No cable. No limits. One single battery for all tools. The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE offers the greatest application variety for home users in the market and consistently expands it to new areas of life and use.

One and the same 18V battery within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is 100% compatible with all 18V appliances of the brands Bosch Home & Garden, GARDENA, Bosch Home Appliances, GLORIA House and Garden, Emmaljunga epowered by Bosch, Wagner and Rapid.*

We are pioneers in battery technology and invest in technologies that improve the quality of people’s lives.


All benefits at a glance

One of the largest cross-brand battery systems.

100% compatibility within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE.*

Greatest application variety for your entire home and garden.

System flexibly expandable by tools across many brands.

Save space.
Save money.
Protect the environment.

Battery-competence since 1969.

*Bosch PSM 18 LI + Bosch ALB 18 LI + Emmaljunga eStroller only compatible with the battery type 1.5 Ah – 3.0 Ah.

Members of the

The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE members include many leading manufacturers worldwide. Together we offer the greatest variety of applications for your home. We are united by the common goal of improving people’s quality of life. This is what we stand for – today and in the future.
SINCE 1925
GARDENA, Wagner and Rapid products can be purchased as of 2021.


No matter which tool you choose, the corresponding battery always fits in all 18V tool within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE.*

Simply plug your POWER FOR ALL battery into your tool of choice and you’re ready to go.

This avoids extra batteries and chargers – and therefore saves not only space, but also money, whilst protecting the environment with every new purchase.

Instead of buying the set version with battery, you simply choose the less expensive solo version without battery and charger. With only one battery you have a variety of powerful tools for many use cases in and around the entire home.

Select your 18V battery.