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In principle, what is true for all Bosch batteries today, will also apply to the POWER FOR ALL batteries, independent of the brand shown on the battery.
Bosch Power Tools is a member of the European battery association “Recharge” and is accordingly committed to a sustainable take-back process via collection points for lithium batteries.
To dispose batteries, they are returned to the retailer, where they were bought. If they are sent to a Bosch Service Center, Bosch will take care of the disposal and recycling.

The performance and runtime of a battery is always the result of what the application demands (from the battery) and what the battery can deliver. In the same application/tool, all POWER FOR ALL batteries with the same description (e.g. PBA 18V 2,5 Ah W-B) have the same performance and runtime, independent of the partner they are provided by. As all POWER FOR ALL batteries are manufactured by Bosch, they all have the same high quality.

Yes, if chargers are POWER FOR ALL chargers. Chargers of the partners from before the transition to the POWER FOR ALL batteries can of course not be used.

No, the two systems will not be unified. The reason being: Professionals and DIYers have very different requirements for their tools. Professionals have to deliver high quality in short time – and they have to be competitive. Their focus is on productivity. DIYers have a desire for products to support their self-fulfillment and the feeling of “Home made by you”. This is why our POWER FOR ALL system is designed to make it easy for DIY users to realize themselves in their home and garden. Furthermore to date, we have sold more than 80 million Bosch Professional 18V-batteries – and over 30 million DIY batteries. We promise our users full compatibility back to the year 2007 (DIY) and 2008 (PRO), respectively. This means they can use the batteries they already own with new tools, allowing them to buy bare tools and thereby significantly saving money. If we were to merge both battery plattforms, we would no longer be able to uphold this promise. We are cooperating with strong partners and brands in those two systems to deliver maximum added value and flexibility – across many brands, many tools with just one battery system tailored to our users needs.

No, old batteries do not fit. For safety and usability reasons, no adapter is offered.

Yes, as soon as a partner transitions their products to the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. For certain applications, some restrictions may apply.

Yes, previous Bosch DIY 18-volt batteries fit to the partner products, as soon they have transitioned to the POWER FOR ALL system. We keep our promise of up- and backwards compatibility for all Bosch DIY and Garden 18-volt batteries and cordless tools – back until 2007. This compatibility is also a corner stone to the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. For certain applications, exceptions may apply.

Yes. The 18V POWER FOR ALL battery is backwards compatible for all Bosch DIY and Garden 18V Li–Ion cordless tools – back to 2007. Exception for Bosch: PSM 18 LI and Bosch ALB 18 LI which are only compatible with 1,5 Ah, 2,0 Ah, 2,5 Ah and 3,0Ah batteries. However, it isn’t backwards compatible with any of the partners, meaning it will not work with tools that use a different battery then the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery.But as soon as a partner transitions products to the POWER FOR ALL system, one battery back until 2007 can be used across brands, tools and devices all around the home.

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